Hey, im Sven!

Yep! This is me!

Hey there! I am Sven, a Dutch fullstack developer, with skills for a wide range of technologies. I have experience working in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Tailwind and Svelte for frontend code, next to that I have experience with Flask for Python, Ubuntu (Linux), Docker and Dart for Flutter. With these tools I can build robust, efficient apps to engage user experience.


I cherish a variety of interests and passions. I regularly find joy in longboarding, practicing the art of Jiu-Jitsu, and diving into the world of programming. My love for listening to music, decorating my surroundings, assisting others, and capturing special moments in photos fills my days with meaning and satisfaction. Moreover, I have diligently managed a community of 200 members, inspiring others along the way.


I work on the next projects;
- Sven's App Register
- Snacker
- Centered
- Howdy Social

Ready to start your project?

After about 1 a 2 days you will get access to Sven's App Panel!